If you are interested in a JUVÉDERM® treatment, first arrange a consultation with an aesthetics practitioner.

If you already have a clear idea of a particular area you’d like to treat, or simply want to know more, they will talk you through your options and can tailor a personalised treatment plan for you.1 There’s no obligation to book a treatment.

Complete this simple, online questionnaire to help identify your goals and any areas you’d like to address and create a visual profile to take to your appointment.

Take the option to add photos to the questionnaire too. It helps your aesthetic practitioner to see different expressions. For example, smiling or frowning.

Each JUVÉDERM® appointment can take 30 minutes to an hour. Some JUVÉDERM® treatments include an anaesthetic which can help reduce any discomfort you may feel during treatment.2–10

Results can be visible shortly after treatment. There may be some redness or swelling around injection sites. 2–10 You can continue as normal for your day depending on treatment received.

Before making an appointment, think about asking some of these questions during your consultation:

Check IT: Tell me more about your training and experience? You should only be injected by a trained and qualified practitioner who can confidently tell you about their experience and talk you through the consultation.
See IT: Can I see examples of your work? Ask to only see before/after photos of patients that your practitioner has treated. Also ask to see photos of patients who they have helped to achieve a similar look.
Know IT: Which brand do you use? Ask them which brand they use and why. You should only be injected with approved facial fillers that have been developed by a reputable manufacturer.
Understand IT: What treatment do I need to get the look I want? Can you explain my treatment plan? Your practitioner should tie their response back to the emotional attributes of your desired look (i.e. the ‘look’ you want rather than focusing on specific ‘lines’). A good practitioner will tell you if your desired look is possible and should recommend a treatment plan. This should also include costs to ensure everything is clear upfront.


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